PlanetConnect (PCI) produces and manages major research events, and is one of the largest Research Conference Organizers (RCO).   PCI is known for managing research events for major Pharma, as well as events for non-profit Associations, such as the BioPharma Research Council (BRC).



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Upcoming BRC Events

October 28, 2014

Join over 125 Attendees from across the Research Triangle region in the 3rd Annual Triangle Biotech Research Symposium.  This year's theme. "Innovation, Inventiveness, and Ingenuity" will be represented through presentations, exhibits, and posters that express the region's contributions to research, development, devices, instrumentation, analysis, and more. Delegates from the academic, biopharma, agricultural biotech, and personalized medicine research communities, as well as IP experts, consultants, and suppliers will gather for this lively symposium. Last year's presenters shared their viewpoints on new approaches, technologies and solutions for providing higher quality, better targeted, and breakthrough healthcare.

October 27, 2015 to October 28, 2015

Looking to find qualified leads in the Pharma/Biotech industry at the junction of IT and Pharma/BioTech?   If your company is an Exhibitor at or is considering events such as Bio-IT World, Amazon RE:Invent, or PlanetConnect Pharma events - consider the power and value of this event, located in the backyard of some of the major Pharmaceutical industry companies and suppliers.  At a time when many of your Prospects are facing very limited travel budgets and a push to go "virtual", this event has some unique features to get you the opportunity to reach this audience.  This event is targetted to attract 1,000 Attendees with over 60 Booths.