MSD Technology Symposium – Overview

MSD Technology Symposium 2024
September 24-25, 2024
plus pre-event activities
Greater Philadelphia Expo Center – Oaks, PA (US)
and Virtual Environment

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The 28th Annual MSD Technology Symposium (Merck & Co., Inc., Rahway, NJ, USA is known as MSD outside of the United States and Canada) is expected to draw over 1000 in-Person Scientists and an additional 1200 Virtual MSD Scientists from Candidate Discovery and Preclinical Development through Clinical Development and Real World Data Departments across the company along with over 70 select Supplier Sponsors. The meeting will be organized around several tracks illustrating the various ways that technologies are facilitating scientific decision-making at MSD.  There is a mix of OPEN and CLOSED talks (a combination of cleared MSD lectures and posters from MSD scientists, and content from vendors and other external collaboration partners), as well as MSD-private lectures and posters. 

2023 Scientific Topics

(Keywords to guide submissions)

  1. Innovation in Modalities (covalent, cyclic peptides, RNA targeting small molecules, mRNA, oRNA, biologics, upscaling chemistry, antibody drug conjugates, gene editing)
  2. Novel Approaches to Drug Synthesis, Formulation, and Drug Delivery (new technology, new synthesis routes, modelling and simulation, predictive model, bench to pilot to commercial scale, drug delivery, drug formulation, computational chemistry, tier zero)
  3. Automation and Technological Advances in Bringing Products to Market (drug discovery automation, robotics, ChatGPT, manufacturing, innovation and marketing, medicines, therapies, tools, technology in drug development)
  4. Unleashing the Power of Data for Decision Making (AI/ML , access to data, data hygiene, data sharing, data analytics, big data, decision making, data modelling, predictive data)
  5. Leveraging Translatable Models, Biomarkers, & Endpoints to Drive Decisions (personalised medicine, precision medicine, biomarkers, translational sciences, translatable models, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics)
  6. Innovations in Manufacturing Through Flexible and Continuous Approaches (target identification, target validation, iPSC, stem cells, organoids, spatial transcriptomics, omics technologies, target discovery engine)
  7. Advancements in Imaging Techniques for Drug Discovery & Development (AI/ML, NLP imaging analysis, imaging methods, novel readouts, cell painting, molecular imaging, multimodal imaging)
  8. Accelerate: An Organizational Perspective on how Technology is Changing the Way We Work (Zero Gravity (Clinical Trial Data), Real World Data/Evidence, Digitally Enabled Business Transformation, One MSD Experience, DigitalYou, Talent & Culture, Health Technology Assessment, technology impact on work)
  9. Innovation for a Greener Future (sustainable pipeline, green labs, environment friendly, lab practices, green chemistry, manufacturing, green technologies in drug development)

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