Sanofi Global Analytical Symposium Frankfurt

Sanofi Global Analytical Symposium 2024 – Frankfurt (Germany)
June 11-12 2024
Sanofi Industriepark – Frankfurt
PLUS Virtual Environment

NOTE: There are two on-site locations on different days available for this event, which you can join separately as an on-site exhibitor (i.e., joining Frankfurt does not get you into Cambridge).  This event is in FRANKFURT, GERMANY. To apply for the Cambridge event go here.

The 10th Annual Sanofi Global Analytical Symposium will bring Sanofi Analytical Scientists from Small Molecule, Biologics, and Vaccine divisions to Sanofi’s Cambridge, Massachusetts facility (250 in-person and 20 Supplier Sponsors) and Sanofi’s Frankfurt, Germany facility (200 in-person and over 8 Supplier Sponsors), in addition to 300 additional virtual Sanofi Scientists. A full Virtual environment will be running in parallel with the event. Talks and Sanofi Posters are CLOSED To Exhibitors.

Abstract submission will close March 29th this year – please get your abstracts and registrations in quickly.


  • Continued effort for better characterization and quality control for Cell, Gene, mRNA therapy and Vaccines
  • Digital transformations and AI driven analytical solutions
  • Celebrating analytical excellence
  • Innovative Approaches & New Analytical Technologies for Biologics
  • Overcoming Analytical Challenges for Synthetics 
  • Evolving regulatory influences on analytical approaches

Sanofi Attendees by Division 2023 (On-Site plus Virtual)

Sanofi Attendees by Job Title 2023 (On-Site plus Virtual)